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W12 Development Site
Oakland, California (“the Property”)

12th & Webster Street Property, Oakland, California Ownership (“Owner”) has employed Kidder Mathews (“Broker”) to be its exclusive agent in the sale of 12th & Webster Street Property, Oakland, California comprised of 285 12th Street and 301 12th Street (“Property”). Pursuant to the listing agreement, Prospective Buyers shall acknowledge the following prior to receipt of a Confidential Offering Memorandum (“Offering”):

1. Broker has prepared the Offering with information that includes confidential information about the Property. It is only to be used by the Prospective Buyer, and its consultants and agents, in connection with the Buyer’s possible purchase of the property. The undersigned acknowledges that further distribution of the Offering could be detrimental to the Owner. Prior to distribution to others, the undersigned agrees to have those parties execute a copy of the herein agreement.

2. All negotiations shall be conducted through Jeffrey Hutchins or David Wientjes (“Agents”), agents of the Broker.

3. Prospective Buyers shall be responsible for all real estate commissions, referrals or finder’s fees due to real estate agents, consultants or brokers that claim to be representing them.

4. Prospective Buyers acknowledge that Broker will be negotiating with other Prospective Buyers. With your signature and acceptance of the above terms, Broker will deliver a Confidential Offering Memorandum to Buyer.

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